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Student Manager Web Interface Demo/Sandbox

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More about ACEweb?

The following are answers to the most common questions our customers have about ACEweb:

How long does it take to install/implement ACEweb?

Actual installation of the ACEweb application generally takes 1-3 hours but does require some prior setup on the web server.

For more information about installation and implementation of ACEweb, see these pages:

What payment gateways can I use (e-commerce vendors, i.e. TouchNet, CashNet, etc.)?

You can see the full list of payment gateways we support on our Partners/Useful Links page.

Can I change the way our ACEweb site looks (colors, fonts, layout, etc.)?

You control the design of your ACEweb site. For more information, see the ACEweb Design Options page.

What if I want to change the ACEweb design but don't have HTML design skills?

New ACEweb customers: the purchase includes the ACEweb Makeover, a service to apply the design of your existing site to ACEweb. Please see the ACEweb Services document for more information.

Existing ACEweb customers: you can purchase the ACEweb Makeover.

How do other organizations implement/roll out their ACEweb site?

To see how other organizations implement ACEweb, visit our ACEweb Products page and visit customers' live ACEweb sites.

Can I display more/different information in my course listings?

The contents of the course listing table is controlled by an ACEweb preference (see this page for an example of the course listing page). You set that preference to show the course data you want. E.g. set it to show title, begin date, location and fee.

In addition, you can also control the contents of the pop-up window that comes up when you hover over a course in the course listing.

Students' Personal Data: can I determine what data to collect?

You control the data you collect when students complete the Add Account page. You also control what data is required (e.g. require student to enter gender or birth date).

Can a parent/organization register their children/employees in courses?

Parents and organizations can enroll others in courses using the proxy registration option.

Does ACEweb email registrations confirmations to registrants?

ACEweb can email the following notices to students:

  • Welcome notices when students create an account in your database
  • Thank you notices when students request catalog information online
  • Confirmations when student register in courses
  • Tell a Friend about this Course messages
  • Added to Waitlist notifications
  • Password Reset Instructions

How would I know if anyone enrolls through our ACEweb site?

ACEweb can email notices to selected staff members when students:

  • Create an account in your database
  • Request catalog information online
  • Register in courses
  • Send Tell a Friend about this Course messages
  • Add themselves to a course wait list
  • Request a Password Reset

Can I create custom course information pages and link them to my ACEweb checkout process?

You can create custom registration pages for selected courses, where a student views course information/registers for the course all from one page. For more information, see Express Registrations.