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Student Manager Web Interface Demo/Sandbox

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ACEweb Demo Features

The demonstration version of ACEweb has many design elements that are not available in default installations, e.g. copyrighted images, color scheme, Examples links, Administrators links, detailed Site Map, etc.

New Installations

Default ACEweb installs do include:

  • Foundation templates with a default design, color scheme, and a "placeholder" logo image that can be replaced with your own logo. You can use the default design/color scheme, or you can replace the design and/or color scheme with one of your own (e.g. use your organization's site design/color scheme).
  • General information templates (i.e. Contact Us page, FAQ page, and a basic site map). These templates will need to be edited to reflect your own contact information, policies, and site links.
  • Content specific templates that ACEweb uses to generate content, e.g. course groups page, individual course information page, etc. These templates contain the necessary coding to run any ACEweb option, but may need some editing to meet your organization's needs (e.g. edit text messages, add/remove personal data fields, edit accepted credit cards list, etc.).

    Note: many options require some setup in Student Manager before they can be implemented in ACEweb. For example, if you want to use the Course Groups option, you must create grouping codes and assign them to the appropriate courses.

  • Default set of preferences enabled in the ACEweb.ini. These preferences can be modified to meet your organization's needs. For example, if you don't have prerequisite courses, you can disable the prerequisite option in your own ACEweb install.

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ACEweb Upgrades

Depending on the ACEweb build you are currently running, implementing an option you see on the demonstration version may require an upgrade to your system.

ACEweb upgrades only contain the necessary files to upgrade the program. An upgrade will not revise or replace existing design templates, or change your INI settings. Therefore, you may also need to add elements to your existing templates, obtain new templates, edit ACEweb.ini settings, and/or perform some setup in Student Manager.

The Online Reference Guide (only available to current customers) contains complete instructions to implement any of the ACEweb options you see in the demonstration version. To gain access to the Online Reference Guide, please contact your ACEware Systems technician.

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